Main Trends in Collateral Management

By: Securities Lending Times

According to the new survey conducted by Sapient Global Markets in March, evolution towards the front office has been identified as one of the main trends for efficient collateral management across global market participants.

The research also identifies the efficiency gains required to deliver increased automation and the support systems needed as being important.

While 66 percent of the firms polled still view collateral management as a cost centre, 39 percent plan to make collateral a profit centre and use it to generate additional revenue.

According to the survey, the increasing focus on collateral as an additional revenue stream is prompting a migration of optimisation functions to the front office.

This will require significant changes to established processes and systems to enable firms to manage margin and risk calculations within compressed timeframes across all available collateral inventory pools.

The survey also states that cost efficiency is one of the main drivers of change in collateral management, requiring more effective client communication, responses to margin calls, dispute management and settlement of non-cash collateral. (…)

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