Working together to combat money laundering

7th Annual European Financial Crime Conference

On 21st October the European Financial Crime Conference takes place in London.  Key areas to be debated over two days include current thinking on AML compliance and a review of the EU’s AML agenda.  The conference is expected to draw in delegates not just from the UK and EU but from further afield as well, as it has been designed to enable delegates to share knowledge and best practices as well as identify potential risks areas.

The pre-conference workshop looks at managing multiple risk areas whilst headline topics within the conference include latest international developments, current best practices and a look at hotspots for money service businesses, insurance and gambling.

OSCE hosts AML conference in Albania

The London conference follows hard on the heels of an OSCE hosted conference which took place in Albania earlier this month.  OSCE (the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe) hosted the conference to strengthen the abilities of southern European countries to work together to fight the financing of terrorism, tackle corruption and money laundering. The conference press release highlights the way in which the tools to combat money laundering and corruption have developed independently but that there is “a growing consensus that anti-corruption agencies and financial intelligence units can increase their effectiveness by working together.”

AML Training in London and Dubai

If you want to learn more about the latest trends in Anti Money Laundering you can attend a Eureka Financial course on AML & KYC which is designed for bankers and professionals working in the financial services industry and provides guidance on identifying and controlling risks associated with money laundering and terrorist financing. Conducted by a senior industry expert the programme is also available virtually as well as on in-company basis. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Eureka Financial offers over 100 public and in-house training courses in banking and finance, regulations and compliance, corporate finance and governance, risk management, operations, investments, wealth management, soft skills and management. For more details visit:

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