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Growth Prediction for EMEA Syndicated Loan Market

At the Loan Market Association’s (LMA) annual conference in London 800 delegates heard a range of speakers talk on the conference theme of “connecting members in a changing world.”  One highlight was the recognition of the number and variety of “lenders” appearing in the commodity trade finance marketplace over the past year.  This includes investment banks becoming involved in syndicated commodity loans and trade finance funds looking to expand into project, infrastructure and commodity finance deals. 

Asked for their opinions on the future of the marketplace 78% of the delegates believed that market volumes will increase by more than 10% for the EMEA syndicated loan market in the next 12 months.

A growing appetite for Islamic trade finance

A report from Reuters has highlighted the growing interest among western banks in respect of Islamic trade finance.  Speaking at a conference in  Dubai Standard Chartered Bank’s head of transaction banking for the UAE, Haytham El Maayergi, said that the bank was seeing an increasing demand for Islamic trade finance adding “A lot of Islamic structures are more appealing to clients not only because these clients are sharia-compliant, but also these structures are suitable for their business models. Clients want the ownership structure, less risky transactions and the ethical proposition that Islamic trade financing provides.”

A spokes person for the Bank of America also confirmed they were looking into offering Islamic trade financing in the future.  With trade between the six Gulf Cooperation Council members and emerging Asia economies growing at 30% per year, the profile of international trade finance is expected to grow in importance over the next few years.

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