International Trade Finance Trends

Asia Trade Finance Week 2013

Asia Trade Finance Week is nearly upon us with more than 600 delegates expected to attend the event in Singapore from the 2-4th September.  This event not only highlights the importance of Asia within the global flow of trade it also provides delegates with a chance to catch up on the latest trends in trade finance and supply chain finance.  In its fifth year, the event is expected to attract delegates from across the globe and follows on from the European event which took place in May.

Multi-currency Supply Chain Finance

Deutsche Bank has added a multi-currency supply chain finance module to its mobile technology platform.  With a report from Demica earlier this year revealing that supply chain finance within the major European Banks is expected to grow by some 20-30% per year over the next three years the new offering from Deutsche Bank will enable clients to access receivables and SCF solutions via a single access point.

The need for international trade finance

A press release by the EU at the beginning of August highlighted the fact that in a few years time “90% of world demand will be generated outside the EU.”  Anticipating this, the EU is putting some considerable effort into generating trade agreements both with individual countries and with regions across the world.  International trade has moved from the preserve of the few to the expectation of the many and international trade finance has had to step up to meet this growing demand.

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