Operational Risk Management

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Course Description

For the current edition of the public course in Dubai & London click here. 

This 3 day practical course explores the best practice in operational risk management at all stages from assessment to implementation. You will gain tools to manage risk and to create environment where this function is perceived as a value added proposition increasing profitability and structural strength of a financial institution.

Course Level: The course is designed for existing Risk Management professionals, both beginners and intermediate, who want to enhance their risk management knowledge and skills.

What Will You Learn

By the end of this training you will: 

  • Learn about the most effective strategies for managing operational risk
  • Explore operational risk in the context of Basel II and beyond
  • Gain the tools to implement operational risk management in  practice
  • Explore through the case studies current best international practice 

Main Topics Covered During This Training

Main topics covered include:  

  • Risk and Capital - An introduction to Basel I, II and III
  • Managing operational risk in the context of Basel II 
  • Setting up objectives, governance process and compliance requirements
  • Measuring operational risk
  • The COSO ERM framework
  • Implementing operational risk policy and structure and designing controls
  • Scenario analysis for operational risk management planning
  • Managing specific risk areas: Internal and external fraud, payments and back office
  • Analysis of Black Swan events and their impact on organisations
  • Case studies include: Bernard Madoff, Société Générale and National Bank of Australia

Who Should Attend

From Central and Investment Banks, Asset Management, Pension Funds, Hedge Funds, Leasing companies, Insurance companies, Fund Managers and other financial institutions: 

  • Risk Officers 
  • Internal Auditors 
  • Operational Risk Managers 
  • Payments
  • Fraud Prevention Officers
  • Compliance Officers

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Operational Risk Management <h4><strong>For the current edition of the&nbsp;public course in <a href="http://www.eurekafinancial.com/courses/operational_risk_management_london.html">Dubai &amp;&nbsp;London click here.</a>&nbsp;</strong></h4> <p>This 3 day practical course explores the best practice in operational risk management at all stages from&nbsp;assessment to implementation. You&nbsp;will gain tools to manage risk and ...