Eureka Financial launches new edition of popular Family Office & Wealth Management Programme

Press Release: 27 Oct 2015, London The world leader in business and finance professional training courses has announced the launch of the latest edition of its popular Family Office and Wealth Management programme. Eureka Financial, a world leader in business and finance training courses, has launched the latest edition of its popular Family Office and […]

New buying patterns amongst the Middle Eastern HNWIs

By: AMEInfo The Middle East luxury industry is witnessing a shift in buying patterns of ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs), says Erwin Bamps, chief operating officer at Gulf Craft, while speaking the arab luxury world conference that took place in the first week of June. UHNWIs are looking for bespoke experiences, but in a family oriented context, […]

Switzerland moving towards tax transparency

By Switzerland, one of the world’s largest offshore financial centres, has agreed to exchange tax information automatically with other countries, in a significant breakthrough in the international crackdown on evasion (…). The move is a big step forward for governments that have mounted a concerted attack on evasion in the wake of the global […]

The list of Worlds wealthiest artists

By: Wealth-X Damian Hirst leads the list of the world’s wealthiest artists with the net worth of US $350 million according to Wealth-X. With the art world converging on London to behold and buy works from Contemporary Masters at the annual Frieze Art Festival, Wealth-X today released a list of the top 5 wealthiest artists. […]

Top 10 HNWIs in Africa

By: Wealth-X The wealthiest man in Africa is Nigeria’s Aliko Mohammed Dangote, a self-made business tycoon with a personal fortune of US$17 billion. He leads the Wealth-X list of Africa’s wealthiest individuals, which is primarily dominated by South Africans and Egyptians. With a combined fortune of US$73.2 billion, these 10 individuals account for 0.4 percent […]

How to create a successful family office?

By Bill Humphreys, Eureka Financial We are often asked the question “How do you create a successful family office?” This is a complex, multi-dimensional issue that cannot be fully addressed or “solved” in a short article but I will outline some of the key considerations. Defining family success and values First of all it is […]

How underperformance affects fund managers behaviour

  In the article written by  Greg Richmond and Alistair Byrne, CFA within the Investment Risk and Performance series published by CFA Institute, authors are examining the ways in which fund manager behaviour changes after the experience of a period of substantial underperformance.  When investment performance is good, the job of managing money brings many rewards. […]

Top 3 motivations for setting up a single-family office

According to Forbes single-family offices are booming. Many of the super-rich from the likes of tech entrepreneurs and hedge fund managers to ultra-wealthy inheritors and successful business owners are all establishing single-family offices. There are many reasons for them to do so and the top three are: control, intense customization, and tight oversight of providers. Topping the […]

Family offices cautious about investing with Hedge Funds

According to Family Office Review, despite seeing big inflow of investment capital, hedge funds find it quite difficult to attract funds from family offices. After the crisis family offices have increased their level of due diligence and smaller hedge funds that manage less than US $50 have difficulty with raising capital from that source. Smaller […]

Top 50 richest Family Offices

Check the latest ranking of the richest family offices prepared by Bloomberg If you want to learn more about the latest trends in the Family Office sector you can attend a Eureka Financial course in London.

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