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Are you ready for FATCA?

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FATCA came into effect on 1st of July requiring foreign banks to report their offshore accounts. To facilitate an orderly transition the United States IRS will refrain from rigorously enforcing many of the requirements during 2014 & 2015, as long as foreign financial institutions (FFIs) are making a good-faith effort to achieve compliance.

This partial relaxation gives you and your organisation a short window to come up-to-speed with the complexities of FATCA.

Why don’t you join our one day intensive course which will help you get fully prepared for FATCA implementation in your organisation.

FATCA Compliance Training – London

This practical 1-day course will provide participants with a sound understanding of FATCA. The programme gives an overview of the technical requirements and implementation strategies as well as the detailed analysis of all the necessary internal controls and certification considerations.

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