New Repo tool by FED to affect the short-term lending markets

By Policy makers were briefed by Simon Potter, head of the markets group at the New York Fed, about establishing a “fixed-rate, full-allotment overnight reverse repo” facility. This would operate alongside the Fed’s existing reverse repo facility that is designed to drain the vast amounts of excess reserves from the financial system when official overnight rates […]

International Trade Finance Trends

Asia Trade Finance Week 2013 Asia Trade Finance Week is nearly upon us with more than 600 delegates expected to attend the event in Singapore from the 2-4th September.  This event not only highlights the importance of Asia within the global flow of trade it also provides delegates with a chance to catch up on […]

Family offices cautious about investing with Hedge Funds

According to Family Office Review, despite seeing big inflow of investment capital, hedge funds find it quite difficult to attract funds from family offices. After the crisis family offices have increased their level of due diligence and smaller hedge funds that manage less than US $50 have difficulty with raising capital from that source. Smaller […]

Operational risk and regulation

Impact of Basel III and Dodd-Frank Act A survey conducted by Chartis Research has revealed that capital adequacy requirements linked to Basel III and the Dodd-Frank Act are expected to be leading sources of regulatory and operational risk management pressures in the immediate future.  The survey which took opinions from financial organisations across the globe […]

AML in the News

BaFin is checking Deutsche Bank AML controls According to Reuters, the German regulator, BaFin, is looking into whether Deutsche Bank needs to tighten up its Anti Money Laundering (AML) controls.  The regulator is apparently concerned at potential delays in reporting suspicious cases to the police.  Whilst both BaFin and Deutsche Bank wouldn’t comment specifically on […]

ICMA issues covered bond statement

The International Capital Market Association (ICMA) has issued a statement to the credit rating agencies relating to the methodologies used in rating covered bonds.  The statement revolves around the volatility of covered bond ratings in particular and other ratings in general. Acknowledging the challenge of giving a credit opinion “through the cycle” the statement does […]

Top 50 richest Family Offices

Check the latest ranking of the richest family offices prepared by Bloomberg If you want to learn more about the latest trends in the Family Office sector you can attend a Eureka Financial course in London.

The risks involved in securities settlement and custodial services

Court verdict on Wells Fargo’s securities lending programme A federal court jury in Minnesota has rejected an $8.2m claim by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota and other institutional investors that Wells Fargo & Co misrepresented a securities lending programme as safe.  Under the program, Wells Fargo held its clients’ securities in custodial accounts and […]

Ranking the top multi-family offices

HSBC Private Wealth Solutions tops the multi-family office list according to a report compiled by Bloomberg.  The report which is based on self-reported data ranks multi-family offices by the amount of assets under investment as at the end of 2012. According to the report HSBC manages assets totalling $137.3 billion on behalf of 340 families, […]

Targeting new wealth in Africa

Barclays is joining Citigroup and UBS in targeting millionaire clients in Africa by creating Barclays Africa, through a merger with Absa Group. That will give Barclays access to 1200 branches across the continent and estimated 128 million households. The number of Africans with at least $1 million of investible assets climbed 9.9% in 2012 to 140 […]

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