Need for higher spending on risk management and compliance in the financial sector

According to the latest study conducted by Kinetic Partners and published on Private Equity Wire, nearly one third of financial service CEOs think that senior management should be spending more on risk management and compliance. When it comes to CROs this number increases to 43%.

The delegates attending our courses seem to be sharing this opinion. In the times of high pressures for transparency and strong business performance, there’s an increased need for deeper understanding of regulatory requirements and procedures which should be put in place in order to prevent any company from operational or reputational damage. It is up to the senior management to ensure that all the policies and systems are in place but in some organisations there’s still not enough focus on implementation and control.

To learn more about current trends and requirements for operational risk management and corporate governance check one of our upcoming courses:

Operational Risk Management – in London & Dubai

Corporate Governance – Dubai

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