Credit Risk and Credit Analysis

This programme is only available on in-company basis. Please, contact us for more information

Course Description

This programme is now available only on in-company basis. If you have a group of 3 or more we can deliver it in any location worldwide. Contact us to find out more. 

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Effective and accurate credit risk management is crucial for all financial institutions including banks, lenders and investors. This timely and topical course is created to equip delegates with practical risk analysis skills and enable them to make informative business decisions. 

This course is relevant for everyone involved in credit risk. No prior credit risk knowledge is required but delegates are requested to bring calculators. 

What Will You Learn

By the end of this course you will: 

  • Have a sound understanding of the key elements of credit risk
  • Explore different methods of preparing credit risk analysis
  • Learn to analyse financial statement and different financial ratios
  • Develop frameworks for qualitative industry and company specific analysis
  • Asses distressed credit situations
  • Explore the latest risk mitigation techniques

Main Topics Covered During This Training

  • Fundamentals of credit
  • Analysing key elements of risk
  • Risk mitigation strategies
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Industry and company specific analysis
  • Analysing distressed credit situations

Who Should Attend

From Banks, Lenders, Corporates, Rating Agencies, Private Equity and other financial institutions: 

  • Credit Managers
  • Credit Analysts
  • Risk Managers 
  • Corporate Finance
  • Financial Analysts
  • Investment Managers
  • Treasury

In-Company, call us for more information

Credit Risk and Credit Analysis - A One Day Programme

  • Fundamentals of credit    
  • Key elements of credit risk    
  • Risk limitation techniques    
  • Contractual methods    
  • Quantitative analysis    
  • Qualitative analysis    
  • Company specific analysis
  • Distressed credit situations

Eureka Financial Faculty

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