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Top 3 motivations for setting up a single-family office

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According to Forbes single-family offices are booming. Many of the super-rich from the likes of tech entrepreneurs and hedge fund managers to ultra-wealthy inheritors and successful business owners are all establishing single-family offices.

There are many reasons for them to do so and the top three are: control, intense customization, and tight oversight of providers.

Topping the list is a very strong desire for control. According to Steffianna Claiden, founder and editor-in-chief of Family Office Review, “A single family office is an ultra-high-net-worth family’s best chance at hitting the 8% Club – being among that blessed group that holds its wealth through generation three and beyond. If done properly, the control an SFO offers is unmatched. But when there is a failure to get the structure and personnel selection right – a botched SFO isn’t a pretty sight.”

The exceptionally wealthy are able to design and set the management parameters – the policies and practices – in place for their single-family office. This results in a boutique organization that delivers highly personalized expertise. What’s so very telling is that this motivation powerfully impacts all the other motivations to create a single-family office.

(…) A single-family office proves to be an excellent means to maintain the level of supervision that is presently demanded by the majority of the super-rich.

If you want to read more go to Forbes.

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