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OTC repo transactions in Russia reach more than RUB120 billion.

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According to Securities Lending Times, the value of securities used as collateral for the Bank of Russia’s OTC repo transactions is at the moment more than RUB120 billion.

The National Settlement Depository (NSD) provides the collateral management services for the Bank of Russia as well as clearing services and securities and cash settlement to market participants.

Since the launch of the service on 15 of April 2013, over 1,000 transactions have been held, and more than 110 banks have joined the system.

This collateral management system allows automatically select securities used as collateral for repo transactions and assess them regularly, to submit and pay margins, and to replace collateral securities.

Owing to these features of the Bank of Russia’s repo transactions, the banks can increase their asset management efficiency and decrease costs associated with the receipt of the Bank of Russia’s liquidity.

To read more go to: Securities Lending Times

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